Maisha Outreach Therapy Organisation

We are a dedicated Registered Non-Government Organisation (NGO) based in Tanzania who believes in empowering and supporting individuals to reignite their “moto wa maisha” – the fire of life (in Kiswahili). To achieve this, we help provide access to sustainable rehabilitation therapies that are crucial in reducing the vulnerability and isolation of those suffering with a disability in Tanzania. We do this, in the hope that we can increase the happiness, health, and quality of life for vulnerable individuals and their families.

Our current outreach program works in Kilimanjaro with aspirations to work in Arusha, Manyara, Tanga, and Zanzibar. And one of our previous programs was facilitated in Malawi. Our NGO Registration is 00NGO/R/1612.

MOTO’s Vision

Our vision is to make high quality therapeutic intervention, social support, and relevant capacity building training accessible to all who need it. We aim to help and support all vulnerable Tanzanians and grow into assisting vulnerable people in our neighbouring Countries such as in Kenya. Our long-term ambition is to establish a United Kingdom (UK) base with a registered UK charity registration. We hope in doing so, it will raise the UK’s awareness of vulnerable people in Tanzania and show them ways they can greatly improve someone’s quality of life with small contributions.

MOTO’s Mission

Our mission is to provide access to rehabilitation, speech therapy, occupational and physiotherapy to all vulnerable people in Tanzania, in a way that is sustainable for the Community and the planet. At MOTO we also strive to empower and build the capacity of health professionals and support our youth through professional development pathways.


Sub-Saharan Africa contains some of the world’s lowest income (as per GDP) countries. This means for many people living in poverty they are at greater risk of health inequality. They do not have the financial means to effectively prevent, treat or access appropriate health interventions. Health inequality lowers access to rehabilitation specialist and lack of care can exacerbate the health condition.

Capacity Building

The program aims to enhance and unify existing rehabilitation services to maximize their impact. Through strengthening partnerships, both rehabilitation therapists and service users stand…

Knowledge & Skills

The program focuses on enhancing knowledge and skills to improve the quality of rehabilitation services and benefit service users by offering Continued Professional Development…

Community Rehabilitation Outreach Programme

The focus is on establishing sustainable and easily accessible therapeutic interventions within the community. This included delivering evidence-based therapy interventions…

As a Non-Governmental Organization, MOTO operates solely on donations and funds received by individuals and corporate organisations, such as yourself. We greatly appreciate all the help we receive from people who care about providing access to high quality therapeutic interventions and social support in Tanzania as much as we do. Through your support, we are able to continue our work in changing the lives of vulnerable Tanzanians.


We accept funds, materials for training, books and data processing equipment. Your monetary contribution assists in our Rehabilitation and Therapy Outreach Programs. These programs focus on supporting trained rehabilitation personnel to work with us and our partners in delivering needed therapeutic interventions through professional placements, capacity building and skill training, and the development of new therapy services.