Core Values​


Here at MOTO, we aim to meet the present needs of our community and the future needs. We want to support individuals, organizations and communities to build effective and sustainable structures that are necessary for providing suitable care to those with LTC’s. We aim to achieve this by learning from each other, empowering individuals through education and advocacy. Further to this, we aim to improve access to quality services, resources, and education to ensure help is sustainable and long lasting.


We see education as one of our central principles and an essential tool needed to facilitate change and growth. We strive to educate individuals, caregivers and volunteers by providing them with training on evidence-based therapeutic interventions. We understand the importance of knowledge transfer and skills between professionals, caregivers, clients, and organizations to ensure there is sustainable change.


We want to empower people to advocate alongside us for vulnerable people. We want to raise awareness and support for those who need education, rehabilitation and capacity building to help vulnerable people reignite their “fire of life” during their daily activities.


We believe that all therapy interventions should be solely driven by the individual needs of those receiving a therapeutic intervention. Treatment should be person-centred care and is at the heart of what we do.


At MOTO we aim to advocate for all vulnerable people with a disability, those who have long-term conditions (acquired and non-acquired) and those who are marginalized. We aim to make the voices of all those who are vulnerable heard, to ensure they gain access to the health care they need.

Our Story


The idea for MOTO came to be during a lecture that was attended by Judy Freeman (Founder & Director of MOTO) as part of her Occupational MSc course …

Our Strategy


Our strategy at MOTO to make an impactful change is simple. We aim to build a solid foundation for change, then connect the right people to those in need, and from… 

Our Team


Maisha Outreach Therapy Organization operates in a decentralized management system for its project implementation work. This allow us to operate …