Annual Reports

After the start of our activities and completion of our project, sponsors and other partners receive extensive written Annual reports. These reports describe the progress of the projects, assessment results, challenges and solutions, lessons learned for future projects, and many more of our sustainable programs that contribute to equal and sustainable development in the community we serve. Find out how we have used funds to achieve our vision in the following annual reports.

Strategic Plans and Policies

Maisha Outreach Therapy Organization has different committed policies to lays out the organization’s principles, standards, and moral and ethical expectations that employees and third parties are held to as they interact with the organization. We strive to operate with transparency and accountability. Policies related to our governance and our community’s standards are listed below.

Research and Projects

MOTO and partners started ambitious research projects to refine the needs of vulnerable people, communities, and rehabilitation in Tanzania to understand the Lived experiences of people with disabilities including access to therapy, beliefs about disability, challenges people with a disability experience, the perceived value of rehabilitation therapies and so many issues. Please enjoy our research reports below: