Our Strategy

Our strategy at MOTO to make an impactful change is simple. We aim to build a solid foundation for change, then connect the right people to those in need, and from there we want to scale the process to ensure we can help the most amount of people possible

Building A Foundation Through Change

There is a huge need for rehabilitation research and implementation in Tanzania. Currently, there is a large demand, but no supply for this need. That is why it is important for MOTO to become experts in understanding the unique challenges that prevent access to quality rehabilitation. We also want to understand the consequences limited access to rehabilitation has on people who require these services and to find creative ways to remove blockages to access. At MOTO, we also wish to educate the Communities and people we aim to help, as well as partners and stakeholders about rehabilitation and show them ways they can make a huge difference in the lives of vulnerable people. We believe the way to a successful future is by sharing knowledge, growing, and developing together.

Connecting Skills

At MOTO, we believe skill sharing is fundamental for improving interventions, clinical development, and establishing safe practices. There is an identified lack of skill sharing within Tanzania. This results in many clinicians being without resources, support, and supervision. Professional development is also hindered by a lack of skill sharing, which results in services not being as collaborative and effective. MOTO is determined to create a network that facilitates a skill-sharing program to assist professional development and provide practitioners with support to feel more confident and less isolated during their time in Tanzania.

Increasing Capacity

There is currently a number of impressive national and grassroots organizations in Tanzania that are providing rehabilitation in local communities already. MOTO aims to increase the capacity of these existing organizations by providing professional placements that will help more people access services in areas where we work and improve health outcomes for those in need.

Our Story


The idea for MOTO came to be during a lecture that was attended by Judy Freeman (Founder & Director of MOTO) as part of her Occupational MSc course …

Core Values


We believe that all therapy interventions should be solely driven by the individual needs of those receiving a therapeutic intervention. Person-centered care…

Our Team


MOTO operates in a decentralized management system for its project implementation work. This allow us to operate in a highly versatile core team and implement..