Theo Franklinos Fund

We are proud to carry on the legacy of giving held by our dear friend and supporter, Theo Franklinos. Theo lived a life of kindness and generosity. He had a deep love for Tanzania and forged friendships wherever he went. He left us in August 2020. To honour Theo, his family made the incredible decision to direct friends and family to supporting MOTO as Theo always did.

We will use this page to directly update those who donated to Theo’s fund. In time, we hope to create a lasting dedication to Theo in Tanzania. We also have a direct donation link on the site for those of you who have expressed a wish to keep on donating in Theo’s memory.

Find out how we have used funds from Theo’s friends and family to achieve our vision in the annual reports.

MOTO Annual Report 2021 

MOTO Annual Report 2022

MOTO Annual Report 2023